Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Exams four and five: 3-Manifolds and Local Fields

So this morning I had 3-manifolds. Can I say ugh? And maybe ugh again? I didn't have much time to prepare last night (I was really tired after my exam, and I took a nap) and so I studied for local fields (for which I hadn't even really looked at half of the material) instead of 3-manifolds (for which I mostly-sorta knew the material). So that was a mistake. Cause I ended up skipping some material that I could have done on the exam, and studying stuff that wasn't even referred to. Which is annoying. And was it such a bad assumption to make that a theorem that is never (a) proven and (b) used in the class wouldn't be on the exam? I didn't think so. But there was a problem that used a theorem that was mentioned in passing, which was really frustrating cause I remembered an approximate statement, but not enough to actually use it. Anyway... I'm not going to talk about that exam any more.

Then I had two hours to study for local fields. That turned out to be more than enough time... cause the class covered almost no material, and the exam pretty much just needed knowledge of Hensel's lemma, the definition of a local field, and some common sense. Gotta love exams like this one: plenty of time, easy problems, no knowledge needed. (Of course it'll turn out that I screwed something up completely, but when doesn't it?)

Anyway, now I'm going to rest a bit and then study for additive number theory. I ran in to PJ at the local fields exam, and he said that he was considering not showing up for additive number theory cause he doesn't know any of the material anyway. I kinda feel the same way, but I gotta try... I mean, a miracle could happen...


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