Sunday, June 24, 2007

Exam Results

So my exam results are kind of funny. I got a distinction overall, which is the highest possible grade. On most of my exams I got above 80. (An alpha is anything above 70, so they were all good.) My worst grade (other than additive number theory) was on local fields, which really suprised me. I got a 71 on that, and the only thing that I can figure out that I lost more than small amounts of points on would be proving that there is one extension of the absolute value. From what other people in the class have told me, I was supposed to prove that there is only one norm on any finite dimensional vector space, but COME ON. That's basic linear algebra. And yes, in linear algebra that result is proved for R or C, but the proof given in the class wasn't different from that... it just replaced those with K. GRRRRR. Anyway... =)

I got a 16 on additive number theory. That's a gamma-, which is even worse than a gamma... which is already not good for much. =) What surprised me was my reaction to the grade: I thought I might be upset or something, but I think that it's hilarious. 16 percent! I've never done that badly on a test! (And yes, I didn't study for it or anything, but still! 16 percent!)


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