Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sixth exam: Additive Number Theory

I have now officially won some ice cream from Flip. He bet me that I would get an alpha on this exam, despite all of my protestations that I really don't know the material, that I'm not just saying that, and that my expectations are completely realistic. Well, out of the 3 questions that I needed to answer I answered about 80% of one and gave a three-sentence sketch of how to do another. So I can't have gotten more than 30% on the exam, which isn't an alpha, not even close.

It's kind of funny how I don't care, though... cause yes, I couldn't remember the formula for a Fourier transform of a function on R, and I couldn't remember how to prove the functional equation for the zeta-function (even though I've known proofs of that for a long time)... but really, why should I know them off the top of my head? Especially after 4 hours of sleep. And I know where I could look them up, and I know that I could figure it out eventually... so I just don't care. It's kind of liberating like that. =)


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Hear, hear! Dinner?

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