Cambridge Year

Friday, November 03, 2006


And, once again bwahahahaha! I have now SUBMITTED my NSF application. On time. And all done. And I'm actually not too unhappy with the essays I submitted. Which just makes me happy, and means I'll likely be able to do work without feeling horribly guilty for not working on NSF stuff. (I'm just ignoring the NDSEG app for now... it's not nearly as bad as the NSF one anyways.)

The last week has been very cool. First, Adi visited over the weekend, which was lots of fun. (Well, after we actually met up. There was a mixup with the fact that I was late meeting Adi's bus and Andres convinced her that I wasn't going to show up and so they left, and I sat at the bus stop for three hours just in case Adi missed her bus and couldn't notify us to tell us that... but I digress.) We walked around Cambridge a bunch and looked at a couple of churches. Adi said that churches are "Kind of like McDonald'ses. They're where you go when you go to Europe." I find them boring, though: they're pretty and such but they all end up looking the same to me after a while. We spent a bunch of time in the Kings College Chapel (which apparently has the largest collection of medieval stained glass windows). It's pretty, although the way that the glass is constructed means that it's very difficult to see what the pictures are. There aren't a lot of continuous pieces of glass, and the windows all have very thick horizontal lines passing through them so it takes a lot of looking to figure out what's depicted on any one window. Also, the moral of the chapel seems to be that all of the kings' eyes were too big for their pockets: the chapel took forever to build because they kept running out of money, so all of the different parts are in different styles.

But mostly Adi and I talked, about boys and school and work. I hadn't spent so much time talking to Adi in a while, and it was really really nice. Plus she wasn't stressed about GREs cause she'd just taked them and done really well. (780 verbal 770 math baby! That's better than almost anyone else I know!) So there was no stress and no worrying, just walking around and enjoying the weather and the town, and having tea and eating chocolate. It was good weather (no rain and reasonably warm) over the weekend, too, so there was nothing bad about it!

This Wednesday, however, it suddenly got really really cold. Like, from 70 one day to 45 the next. I'd left my window open overnight, too, and it was FREEZING the next morning in my room. The heater isn't on for some reason, either. I'm lucky that I had a space heater in my closet when I moved in (I think that maybe there had been heating problems in my room before) so I pulled that out and turned it on. It's a little tiny unit but it's STRONG: on full power it warms up my room in about 15 minutes. I left it on at half power overnight and had to get up around 7 am to turn it off 'cause my room was too warm. The weather is still pretty and clear, though... I think I'm going to get a thermometer to hang outside of my window, because the only way I could tell that it was really cold outside this morning is because the sports fields outside my window had frost all over them.